Determination of Bulk Density

Aim: To determine the bulk density of magnesium carbonate.

Principle: Bulk density is the mass of a powder divided by the bulk volume.

Determination of Bulk Density

Apparatus and materials: Measuring cylinder, magnesium carbonate (MgCO3), and weighing balance.


  1. The powder whose bulk density is to be determined is passed through sieve no. 20.
  2. About 20 g is weighed accurately and carefully introduced into a 100 ml graduated measuring cylinder.
  3. The cylinder is dropped at 2-second intervals onto a hard surface three times from a height of I inch.
  4. The volume of powder is noted.

Observation and Calculation:

Weight of powder = W1 g

The volume of powder = V cc

Determination of Bulk Density

(Convert the value to SI units by multiplying by a factor of 103)

Report: The bulk density of magnesium carbonate is kg/m3.

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