Methods To Minimize Errors

Errors can be minimized by understanding the source and type of errors thoroughly. Predictable errors can be minimized by correcting the factor directly whereas unpredictable errors can be minimize errors by following the standard protocols and good laboratory practices (GLP) strictly.

Methods To Minimize Errors

Some of the methods to minimize the errors are discussed as follows:

1. Instrumental Errors: These errors can be minimized by checking thoroughly the equipment used for the analysis before starting any analysis. Proper calibration should be performed to ensure the performance of the equipment. Faulty equipment should be corrected by experts and rechecked for the accuracy of results. If the performance is not satisfactory then replacement should be done.

2. Personal Errors: Skilled persons should be employed or the knowledge of the operator 45 performs analysis is to be ensured prior to analysis. Regular reporting and monitoring of analysis can be done.

3. Chemical Errors: Standard chemicals from the authentic source without impurities must be used for the analysis. The quality of chemicals and reagents can be checked periodically as per the standard guidelines.

4. Errors in Methodology: These errors can be avoided by following the standard methods with proper references. Continuous monitoring of reactions by skilled persons can be employed to minimize these errors

5. Indeterminate Errors: Since indeterminate errors are not predictable, the entire procedure of analysis should be carried out in a well-planned manner considering all factors which affect the accuracy and precision of the results.

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