Roles And Responsibilities of Community Pharmacist

Following are the areas where a community pharmacist can be actively involved in serving the community.

  1. In all drug-related problems like counseling on the proper use of OTC and prescribed medicines, recording of drug and medical problem histories, immunization schedules, referring of patients to specific health care professionals, etc.
  2. A community pharmacist may be involved actively in the area “Of Pharmacoepidemiology. Pharmacoepidemiology is the post-marketing phase of a clinical trial of a drug, which is concerned with the safety or risk assessment of a new drug after coming to market.
  3. A community pharmacist may be involved in the control of serious communicable diseases, by making the community aware through counseling. By this method, a lot of diseases like tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes genitals, AIDS, and hepatitis can be controlled.
  4. A community pharmacist can encourage, his/her patients to prevent themselves from various chronic diseases by using various proven techniques of preventing like risk of strokes the heart can be reduced by controlling high blood pressure check-ups, regulating the intake of prescribed medicine, quitting smoking, controlling high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol intake and increase in physical exercise.
  5. A community pharmacist may also be involved in patient health education through the use of pamphlets and bulletins freely available on display racks.
  6. A community pharmacist may provide counseling to pregnant ladies about maternal and child health, hygiene, management of pregnancy, maternal diet, and other diseased or sub-nutritional states. A community pharmacist can also play a major role by guiding the parents in the protection of children against the diseases of childhood by proper immunization schedule.
  7. A community pharmacist may guide patients about nutrition intake according to the requirements of the patient and their disease states.
  8. A community pharmacist can make the community aware of environmental health such as foodborne diseases, local hazards, carcinogens, etc.
  9. A community pharmacist may provide counseling to the persons involved in alcoholism and drug abuse about the hazards and side effects or drawbacks of those evils and may refer these patients for proper treatment to an appropriate health professional.

The Function of Community Pharmacy Management

The function of Community Pharmacy Management:

  • The role of business and the functions of management are to ensure that this input system operates smoothly.
  • The most important functions of Pharmacy management can be grouped as Accounting highly interrelated but separate activities
  • Finance
  • Human resources management
  • Operation management
  • Marketing management
  • Finance Management in community pharmacy.
  • Planning, developing, and operating a community pharmacy for the long term rests on a solid financial foundation.
  • It takes money to make money.
  • The key financial issues that should be addressed are
  • How much money is needed to start the pharmacy or fund the desired level of operations?
  • Where will the money come from?
  • How will the funds used?
  • How can additional funds be obtained in case of an emergency?
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