Silverson Emulsifier

What is Homogenisation

Two immiscible liquids are mixed to prepare an emulsion is widely used in pharmacy. The equipment used for the preparation of emulsion is known as an emulsifier. Homogenizers are used to convert coarse emulsion to fine emulsion, used in the Silverson Emulsifier mixer.

Principle of Silverson Emulsifier

The slivers homogenizer works on the principle that the large globules in a coarse emulsion are broken into smaller globules by intense shearing forces and turbulence by high-speed rotors.

Construction of the Silverson Emulsifier

It consists of an emulsifier head. The emulsifier head consists of a number of turbines blades. The blades are surrounded by a mesh which is enclosed by a cover having perforations. The blades are related by using the electric motor fitted at the top. There is also one shaft whose one end is connected to the motor and the other end is connected to the head.

Silverson Emulsifier
Figure: Silverson Emulsifier

Working on Silverson Emulsifier

Silverson Emulsifier working
Silverson Emulsifier working

The emulsifier head is dipped into the vessel containing immiscible liquids. When the motor is started, the shaft rotates the head. Therefore turbines blades also rotate at a very high speed. The liquids are sucked Through the fine hole. Centrifugal force expels content through the mesh and then covers and subjects them to mechanical shear. This is followed by intense hydraulic shear. The oil is reduced into the globules quickly resulting in a homogeneous, uniform product. Then fine emulsion emerges through the opening of the cover. As a result bigger globules rapidly break into smaller globules.

Pharmaceutical Applications

  • Silverson Mixer Homogenizers are fast and efficient. They are used to get a fine droplet or particle size (2-5 microns).
  • Process efficiency is good.
  • Low operating cost.
  • It is used for the preparation of creams, ointments, pharmaceutical suspensions, and emulsions of fine particle size.


  • Chances of choking of pores of mesh.
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