Twin Shell Blender


The construction of a twin shell blender is shown in Figure. It is made of either stainless steel or transparent plastic, the twin shell blender is also called as V Cone Blender. Smaller models take an of 20 kg and rotate at 35 revolutions per minute, while larger ones take a charge of about 1 tonne and rotate at 15 revolutions per minute. The material is loaded through either of the shell hatches. Emptying of the blend is normally done through an apex port.

Twin Shell Blender
Figure: Twin Shell Blender


The material (to be blended) is loaded approximately 50 to 60% of its total volume. As the blender rotates, the material undergoes a tumbling motion. When the V is inverted, the material splits into two portions. This process of dividing and recombining continuously yields ordered mixing by mechanical means. The powder mass is converted shock-wise so that no demixing due to density differences will occur. It is rotated so that the material alternatively is collected at the bottom of the V.

Blender speed is the key to mixing efficiency. At high speeds, more dusting or segregation of fines is possible, while at low speeds, not enough shear may be applied.

Advantages of V Cone Blender

  • If fragile granules are to be blended, a twin shell blender is suitable because of minimum attrition.
  • They handle large capacities.
  • Easy to clean, load, and unload.
  • This equipment requires minimum maintenance.

Disadvantages of V Cone Blender

  • The twin shell blender needs high headspace for installation.
  • It is not suitable for fine particulate systems or ingredients with large differences in the particle size distribution, because not enough shear is applied.
  • If powders are free-flowing, serial dilution is required for the addition of low-dose active ingredients.
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