Rotocel Extractor


Rotocel extractor is a continuous countercurrent percolator Series of pumps transfer the solvent (or solution) from one rotating This gives the true compartment into the previous compartment through the spray, allowing the solids to continue in the same compartment. countercurrent equipment.

Construction of the Rotocel Extractor

The construction of a Rotocel is shown in Figure. It consists of a short cylindrical drum, which is enclosed in the air-light housing. It is rotated on a vertical axis. The cylindrical drum is divided into several wedge-shaped compartments. The bottom of each compartment is perforated and hinged. Each compartment is specified for a specific purpose. In each compartment, a provision is made for conveying the charge by means of a sealed conveyor. On the opposite side of the cylinder, a provision is made to introduce solvent.

Rotocel Extractor
Figure: Rotocel Extractor


The motor is switched on and the cylinder is allowed to rotate on its vertical axis. When the compartment comes under the chute. seal conveyor fills the compartment with the solid material. As the cylinder rotates, the remaining compartments are filled in a similar way. Once after filling the compartments with the solids, stage pumps transfer the solvent into the compartments, where extraction takes place. The stage pumps work in such a way that the extracted liquid from one compartment is pumped into the previous compartment through a spray. This results in the movement of the compartment carrying solid in a clockwise direction and movement of liquid in the anticlockwise direction. Therefore, it is true countercurrent.

The solid material, for example, in compartment 1 undergoes extraction 5 times by the time it reaches the position of compartment 7. The solid is now completely exhausted. The hinged bottom opens to discharge the exhausted meal.

Advantages: Rotacel extractor is simple, inexpensive, and requires little headroom.

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