Determination of Flow Properties of Powders by Carr’s Index

Aim: To determine the flow properties of powders/granules (by determining the carr’s index/bulk density).

Principle: The flowability is related to carr’s index. Carr’s index is described as

carr's index determines

The lower ‘carr’s index, the better the flow.

Apparatus and materials required: Same as that described under bulk density experiment.


Determination of tapped density and poured density:

  1. A fixed quantity of powder is poured into a measuring cylinder and the volume is noted. This figure is used for calculating poured density.
  2. The tapped density is then determined as described under the bulk density determination experiment (tapped density and bulk density are the same).

Observation and Calculation:

Poured density determination: Weight of powder = W1g;

Volume of powder = V1 cc

Bulk density determination :

Weight of powder = W2 g; Volume of powder = V2cc

carr's index determines

The carr’s index of is­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ _______is____

Report: The flow property of powder is excellent/good/fair/poor.

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